Twelve Sessions

by Frank G. & RoadsArt

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released January 20, 2017

“The 12 Sessions Project” is a collection of random jam sessions recorded and performed by live musicians, singers, emcees and songwriters, from many different genres, over a course of 12 weeks. The songs from each of these sessions continued to evolve throughout the project, as each week, different musicians added their stylings and offered their musicianship to the compositions. These compositions were then treated as “original samples” to be further chopped, manipulated, and arranged to form completely new pieces of music. The end result is a unique compilation of sounds and vibes that explores new ways of creating and presenting hip-hop music.

All Tracks Produced, Mixed, Mastered & Recorded by:
Frank G. & RoadsArt

Session 01:
Introduction /// So Far Gone [Intro] (ft. Raekwon The Chef)
Frank G - Drum Programming, Percussion
Steve Kovacofsky - Electric Guitar
Tom Noordzy - Saxophone, Banjo & Percussion
Mike Noordzy - Upright Bass
Chris Carratello - Electric Guitar
DJ Sky High - Turntables
Steve Kovacofsky - Drums
RoadsArt - Sampler & Bass
Raekwon The Chef - Vocals

Session 02:
So Far Gone (ft. Raekwon The Chef & Mia Gladstone)
RoadsArt - Piano, Drum Programming, Bass, Synthesizer
Frank G - Piano & Drum Programming
Chris Carratello - Electric Guitar
Raekwon The Chef - Vocals
Mia Gladstone - Vocals & Background Vocals

Session 03:
World of Believing (ft. Arinze) /// Fly [Intermission] (ft. Nick Casertano)
Frank G - Drum Programming, Trumpet, Seltzer, Percussion
RoadsArt - Programing, Percussion
Chris Carratello - Electric Guitar
Jared Duncan - Upright Bass
Nick Casertano - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Arinze - Vocals & Background Vocals
Josh “Preso” Serrano - Background Vocals
Efrain Rodriguez - Background Vocals
Philip Alongi - Background Vocals

Session 04:
You and I (ft. Jay Math, Nick Casertano & Mia Gladstone)
RoadsArt - Piano, Organ, Bass & Drum Programming
Frank G - Trumpet, Bass
Nick Casertano - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jay Math - Vocals
Mia Gladstone - Vocals

Session 05:
Risk It All (ft. Water 4 Mars)
Frank G - Drum Programming
RoadsArt - Programming
Chris Russo - Drums
Chris Carratello - Electric Guitar
Joe Fazio - Bass Guitar, Effects
Channel Jamil - Vocals, Mixing
Tim Jones - Vocals

Session 06:
When It All Dissolves ft. Evita Koné
Frank G - Rhodes, Guitar, Drums, Marimba & Bass
Evita Koné - Vocals

Session 07:
Losing Sight (ft. Mia Gladstone, Jay Math & Channel Jamil) /// (Interlude)
RoadsArt - Piano, Synthesizers, Bass, Drum Programing
Tom Noordzy - Music Box
Chris Carratello - Electric Guitar
Steve Kovacofsky - Electric Guitar
Jay Math - Vocals
Mia Gladstone - Vocals
Channel Jamil - Vocals

Session 08:
Paradise (ft. Rob Alesiani)
Frank G - Piano, Drum Programming, Bass & Synthesizers
RoadsArt - Drum Programming, Bass & Sampler
Steve Kovacofsky - Electric Guitar
Chris Carratello - Electric Guitar
David Appel - Drums, Percussion, Dhol Drum
Ben Ross - Drums & Percussion
Rob Alesiani - Vocals

Session 09:
Escalation (ft. Levi Lennon) /// [Intermission] /// Bridges (ft. Val DaGrain)
Frank G - Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Drums & Synthesizers
RoadsArt - Drums, Synthesizers & Drum Programing
Chris Russo - Drums
Ben Ross - Drums
Jared Duncan - Upright Bass
Chris Carratello - Guitar & Bass Guitar
Nick Casertano - Guitar
Levi Lennon - Vocals
Val DaGrain - Vocals

Session 10:
Vote For Me (ft. Arinze) /// Green Rocky Road (ft. Nick Casertano)
Frank G - Drums, Percussion
RoadsArt - Drums
Chris Carratello - Electric Guitar & Resonator Guitar
Mike Noordzy - Upright Bass
Steve Kovacofsky - Guitar
DJ Sky High - Turntables
Nick Casertano - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
David Appel - Dhol Drum
Arinze - Vocals

Session 11:
Creative World (Instrumental)
RoadsArt - Piano, Synthesizers & Drum Programing
Frank G - Bass, Synthesizers & Synthesizer
Chris Russo - Percussion
Sergio Cordova - Percussion
Ben Ross - Percussion

Session 12:
Detrimental (ft. Ceazar & Reason) /// Going All Out (ft. Arinze)
RoadsArt - Kalimba, Melody Harp, Percussion,Baby Monitor Synthesizers & Drum Programing
Frank G - Bass & Synthesizers & Drum Programing
Casey Sky - Flute & Background Vocals
Tim Jones - Djembe & Background Vocals
Philip Alongi - Tenor Vocals
Sean Hodge - Guitar
Ceazar - Vocals
Reason - Vocals
Arinze - Vocals

Recorded and mixed at
Ish Pro Studios, Edison NJ
202 Studios, Hightstown NJ



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Frank G. & RoadsArt Present: Twelve Sessions

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